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Here is a place for all those who wish to discover the Epic of Zektbach, with information on all aspects of the story.

What is the Epic of Zektbach? Edit

The Epic of Zektbach is a complex multimedia project initiated by video game music composer Tomosuke "Zektbach" Funaki, and graphical artist Maya Takamura. It started with a music video for the rhythm game Beatmania IIDX, called Apocalypse ~Dirge of Swans~, and its goal is to tell a long and complete story through the use of Zektbach's music as well as videos (some of them by Maya, especially the earlier ones) and textbooks.

The story takes place in the fantasy world of Aria Te'Laria, inhabitated by eight races of completely wild beings, none disposing of any self-awareness or emotion. One day, however, a strange ship falls from the sky, housing a purple gem that brings them all to gain those gifts and start developing. But this gem's powers will not only bring forth prosperity...

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