Sazaragi Member

A Sazaragi Member as seen in Turii ~Panta Rhei~

The Sazaragi Agency is an organization of thieves and explorers originally created by Gijiri to uncover the secrets of Wenkamui and its ruins, in order to recover the lost history of the Kagachi. However, when Gijiri's experiments on the Kagachin and the Majin turned wrong, the agency had to flee from Wenkamui and came into the Kingdom of Masinowa, where they took slow control of the power and became a grey eminence in the kingdom. Their role also became larger, and their purpose now was to explore all distant or untouched lands and discover their history and heritage.

Continuing their explorations to achieve this purpose, they finally came upon the island of Turii and disrupted the People of the Stars, bringing Malchut with them in Masinowa, thus starting her story.