Epic of Zektbach PrologueEdit

Once upon a time, there lived eight different races.There existed a mystical gem dubbed the Ristaccia, excavated from a ruin, which grants any bearer self-awareness and great magical powers. For a long time, the eight races lived together peacefully.They broke the Ristaccia ruby into eight shards. Every race held a piece of the Ristaccia, offered prayers to it and asked for protection - and the Ristaccia, in turn, continued to bring them many blessings and miracles.

But this peace did not last for eternity. The eight races created grudges against one another, and finally, a war among the eight races broke out. They inserted the eight shards of Ristaccia into weapons to fight each other.

The mystical shards of Ristaccia merely became tools of destruction.

By the end of the long war, the great magical power of Ristaccia completely extinguished six of the eight races inhabiting the planet,and the whole of mankind almost ceased to be. In the aftermath, despite losing many to the war, two races still existed.

The Humina race, knowing the great power of Ristaccia, knelt before it and offered their prayers, just like before. They asked for the prosperity of the race and the flourishing of the planet. After a long time, a religious culture centralizing around Ristaccia was formed.The symbol of the religion is the holy sword Trisagion.

On the other hand, there was the most intelligent race in the world, the Rufina race in pursuit for eternal life. They had created a memeplex named Sigma and sealed themselves off from the rest of the world. Sigma slept deeply under the Olivie Ruins for a long time.

With that, only the Humina race remained. After another long period of peace, momentum is building up for an uprising. A force more influential then Trisagion, is the kingdom of Noigllado which the holy sword lies.


Ristaccia ~Ouverture~