L'avide is an island situated to the south of Galukia, precisely that of the Tetroah Independant Region. It is where the ancient race of Culottiana used to live before they were destroyed by their former subordinates, the Militiana. It is only mentioned at the very end of the Epic, in Chapter 8 ; it is where Gijiri meets A'milia six hundred years after her defeat in the Ristaccia Ruins. Here, he asks for the end of his immortality, and, aging in an instant, dies without ever learning the truth of Ristaccia he was after.

"L'avide" is French for "The greedy/eager one" ; it is probable that this name predicted Gijiri's fate on the island. Eager to learn the truth of Ristaccia, he was equally longing for a peaceful death after centuries of failure.