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Hannes Farrugia


  • The Saint Who Hunts Sin
  • The Holy Daughter








Abandoned Island








  • Unnamed Mother


Mamiko Noto

Hannes Farrugia is a character from Chapter 4 and one of the main characters of the Epic of Zektbach. A 16 year old girl who lived on the Abandoned Island, and the daughter of a virgin who drank the local Spring of Lourdes water, she is considered holy by its inhabitants. Later on, Ristaccia, as the Voice of God, uses her to incite the Apocalypse, forcing her to murder everyone she knew. Afterwards, she leaves the island and sails across the Swan Ocean to the mainland to create a cult based around herself.


Hannes has pale blond hair and wears a black hat. She wears a nun's outfit, comprised of a black dress with a white collar and sleeve cuffs. She carries a black sword with a shard of Ristaccia embedded in it ; it probably is the one she found in the dry Spring of Lourdes, and it can be seen talking to her in her written history as well as in some official artworks (pictured). She has green eyes, that turned red when the Ristaccia from the black sword possessed her.


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Hannes' mother was a virgin, made pregnant by the Lourdes spring water. She died soon after giving birth. Despite this, Hannes went on to lead a happy life. Thanks to this miraculous birth, everyone called her "The Holy Daughter," loved her and respected her very much. Her heart was always full of gratitude. She thanked the God of Lourdes for giving them a happy life and was known to prayer to Lourdes everyday.

But a day came when Hannes started having strange nightmares. Around this time, the bright and happy life of the island seemed disturbed ; everyone around her looked extremely nervous. Hannes did not understand the situation any further, before she saw an old woman squatted beside a lane, crying. She soon walked up to her and asked what happened.The old woman's sound was so weak that Hannes couldn't hear it clearly. But she heard something about the Spring of Lourdes and, after comforting the stranger, went there to learn more.

A black sword was revealed as the spring had died out entirely, and unknown to Hannes, it contained a piece of Ristaccia. When she saw that the Spring was dry, she was extremely shocked, but before long, the strange dream went through her mind again, as if it had told the future ; a voice spoke to her and told her that the island inhabitants had sinned, by exploiting and profaning the holy spring - and thus, that their punishment was death. She took the black sword in her hand and was about to kill someone nearby under the voice's impulse ; but she remembered all the times in her life with everyone.

Suddenly, however, Ristaccia's influence took hold and her eyes turned from green to red. She raised the sword and the island was consumed in a raging inferno.

When A'milia later went on to form her party against Ristaccia, A'milia was "unable" to save Hannes because she was the daughter of the Spring, and thus born from pure meme ; however, she did spare her life.

Trivia Edit

  • Hannes' story is still incomplete in the Western community from lack of translations. . In Ristaccia, as well as Apocalypse ~Memento Mori~ and Apocalypse ~Dirge of Swans~, Hannes is seen wearing a royal outfit and a crown, which isn't explained by anything we know.
  • Hannes' seiyuu, Mamiko Noto also voiced Lilina "Lilith" Hinazuki in beatmania IIDX Drama CD also released by Konami.
  • In Apocalypse~Dirge of Swans~, Hannes is seen wearing her royal gown while she holds her sword in her right hand covered by a snake and a book in her left hand. As the video fades out of this scene, the sword and snake turn into a skull; talking to Hannes. With all of the religious undertones that Apocalypse presents, the snake wrapping around the sword could be a reference to the devil or in this case, the Ristaccia fully taking possession of Hannes. The video then end with Hannes from before and after the Apocalypse; As a nun she holds a skull while in her gown she wields her sword with a sheep below her feet, presumably representing her followers. How long she ruled from the time of the Apocalypse on the Abandoned Island to the time of the final battle with A'melia and L'erisia is unknown.
  • In the Ristaccia video, both Hannes and Matin attempt to rescue Nox from his madness. Hannes appears to get to him first and hugs him while Matin appears disappointed that she could not reach Nox first.. From this point on in the video, Nox and Hannes appear together in what appears to be a battle scene; both possessed by the Ristaccia as they wear their royal attire. Both under the influence of the jewel, they appear before Shamshir, another person fully under its control, and Matin, who appears to be the only character who is safe from it. What happened between Nox and Hannes meeting one another and their "battle" in Ristaccia together is as of yet undocumented.