The two existences influencing the worldEdit

The Star Child Malchut was taken from Turii to Masinowa ; as a result, Masinowa was destroyed. Malchut, whose self-awareness has not fully grown, does not understand the why the power within her was unleashed, nor does she understand the results of this event.

However, the events that happened are now etched firmly into her memory.

Her days in Masinowa, all of the people, Kukaru, Gijiri...from these memories, qualia is born, and awareness of herself is gradually formed. Why does such power sleep within her, and what is the meaning behind this power's existence?

The power of chaos and ruin within her, the bitterness of people's cries, the meaning of Kukaru's actions...Malchut is unable to understand the meaning of her life from these things. The enormous amount of awakened qualia, the formed emotions, her various memories, all tightly connected with unanswered questions.

"My power brings forth suffering, people's cries, and chaos...I do not know when it will unleash again."

Her existence bends the causality of the world, brings forth grief, and the need to revert to nothingness.

She senses the great power that stands contrary to hers coming from the Skyship ruins and is guided there.

"If you wish to revert to nothingness, let us meet in the ruins."

There, the embodiment of Ristaccia's power...

The crimson angel, L'erisia, lies in wait...

Malchut, who destroyed a nation with an unstoppable force, wanders in the ruins continuing to feel distress. What is her existence? Was she not supposed to disappear in the lake on the island?

The moment Malchut confronts L'erisia, the great power within her, along with feelings of sorrow and hatred, break out again.

"No, enough...stop, no more!"

Even though she desperately tries to resist, what arises in unstoppable.

Countless roots of a giant tree attack L'erisia, but she evades the offensive breezily and draws her face near.

"The Day of Visscitudes will no longer come."

Exhausting all her power in that instant, Malchut is swallowed by a giant lotus flower.


Raison D' Etre ~Crossing Fates~