Agiona's members. From left to right : Carla, Rouven, Zalieri, Matthias and Lyudmil.

Agiona is a shady agency that originally was created as one of the four higher classes in the Holy Kingdom of Noigllado, when Azuellgatt was founded, in order for the King to not have too much power. However, as time went on, Agiona took slow control of the of the power. With the years that passed, they ended up corrupting the entire country and making all other classes and even the Emperor or Empress puppets, figures behind which they were the true leaders. This operation ended with the secret coup they made after Azuellgatt was doomed. They are comparable to a modern-world mafia, and to the Sazaragi Agency in the Eijeek continent. Their symbol is known to be an Ouroboros, but there is no image of it.

They were the ones who forced the Emperor of Noigllado to declare war to Azuellgatt in order to conquer it, and also decided of his death and of Matin's coronation (and consequently, Nox's exile).

Members Edit

  • Zalieri : The agency's leader. During the previous King (Rhineland)'s reign, he was the one to maneuver in the shadows to cause the war that destroyed Azuellgatt. He then starts to use the royal family as a mere puppet, taking most of the real decisions. It is said that he follows a grand plan he established a long time ago.
  • Matthias : His primary function is to regulate the government behind everyone's backs. He has an old relationship with Zalieri, as they assasinate their targets and conspire together ; therefore, he is essentially Agiona's number two. He gets to decide who is most important in each class, and it is therefore probable that he chose Matin as the heir. While he speaks in a very rough tone and is known to be violent, Matthias actually is really calm and philosophical.
  • Rouven : A young and skilled medical scientist in charge of scientific research, he is the manager of all royal academies and libraries. He also is in control of the Kingdom's scholarship, and is known to do this specific job with an unusual cruelty ; he imprisons scholars with a superior brain, and uses them as experiment subjects for neuroscience and pharmaceutics research, up to the point where their minds break down.
  • Lyudmil : A man whose task is to investigate and secure ancient and "useful" heritages scattered around the world. He has a very philosophical mind and is obsessed with becoming perfectly beautiful. Unfortunately for him, he is affected with an incurable illness called Dorukuma, which causes him to become gradually unsightly. This hardship has led him to get attached to the sin-hunting saint Hannes, whom he met at Dilia.
  • Carla : The sole known female member, she is in charge of espionage. She descends from a rare Masinowa blood, that is nearly extinct from Masinowa's downfall. She uses her body and her knowledge of martial arts as her primary weapons. As the one in charge of spying, she is fond of a little game consisting in releasing and catching her targets numerous times, which earned her the nickname of the feared "Spider Woman",