The Abandoned Island is an isle located to the southwest of the continent of Galukia. It originally was completely uninhabited ; however, in the year 150 of the Melius Calendar, a mysterious plague struck the kingdom of Noigllado, situated in Galukia, and in the year 154, its king decided to send all sufferers away to the island, because they were losing consciousness and becoming all zombie-like. This way, no one would be infected anymore, and no one would remember them.

Upon being abandoned on the island, the sufferers wandered aimlessly until one of them found a spring. When the water came in contact with his body, he regained sentience and consciousness ; but he did not regain his memories. Seeing everyone zombie-like around him, however, he took some water and spilled it on them all. All of the abandoned ones had regained their minds, but they were completely amnesic ; and thus, they started over a new life, completely oblivious to the outside world, to the Kingdom of Noigllado, even to Ristaccia, which obviously inhabitated the spring (being the only force that could give consciousness).

Their life was made easy by the Spring, that they soon named Lourdes. Its water was not only a cure, but also a source of many miracles. With it, flowers could bloom in a wasteland, harvests would always be abundant, people would live longer and be more clever ; it was so miraculous it could do almost everything and never, ever dried up. And so, thanks to this power that they soon deemed holy and worshipped, their life was peaceful and easy.

Generations later, Hannes was born on this very island to a woman who had become pregnant after drinking the spring's water. It was in her life-time that the spring was revealed to be inhabitated by a force residing in a black sword (Ristaccia), and that force spoke to the young girl and told her to punish the inhabitants, because they had all abused of the spring's powers. The reason for that was that in exchange for all of these miracles, they had given nothing and thought of all of them as completely natural and due. Ristaccia possessed Hannes, and the island burned down to the ground.